No Tiles option under 2D

I am doing the Create a basic 2D gameplay environment tutorial and I have an issue when doing step 3 of the section 2. My main issue is that, after right-clicking inside of the tiles folder that the tutorial tells me to create and clicking Create and then 2D, the Tiles option won't appear.


have you done the initial project setup (or use the same 2d urp template) ?

and they seem to mention this,
This tutorial is part of Beginner 2D: Adventure Game and we recommend completing the full course, but you might find the tutorial useful if you want to learn how to create a basic tilemap for your own 2D game. For further guidance on creating 2D environments, refer to Create Tilemaps in the Unity Manual

I did the tutorial and did the first character tutorial but i didn't know I had to use the same template for the whole tutorial

Edit: Nevermind, I found the little tab that has the lesson material, thanks

i think its just some package that you need to import or the 2d tilemap extras perhaps