no udp sdk initialization detected

ive been trying to use UDP and ive taken care of everything but this last part seems to be unfixable.
i run my apk on a phone but steal says no udp sdk initialization detected.
My game doesnt have any IAP. its free

Please show your UDP initialization code Note that some UDP stores require IAPs. Also, in the future, probably best to post in the UDP forum

Sorry for posting at wrong forum.
actually i wasnt sure how to implement this code and i guess i couldnt do that properly. would you please guide me through implementing it and where to put it.

In the UDP forum please

Maybe a link to where this thread goes on ? - in the UDP forum … ?
This thread is the one google finds (“UDP Initialization Not detected”). The other is a mystery. Searching there yields no useful results.
This one is no help :

since it just circles back to the setup.
The question is : What if after all steps have been taken, the initialization is not detected.

Yes, i’ll post there :slight_smile:

Sounds good! Go to the main forum dashboard and you'll see the UDP forum listed there

Here is the log

7131044--852206--log.txt (7.11 KB)

All looks correct, what is your issue?

UDP Console not detect UDP initialize.