no unity remote 4 (ios) in app store

Has the unity remote 4 app been deprecated? Can’t seem to find it in the app store (ipad or iphone) and the link on the docs page (‎Unity Remote 5 on the App Store) is no longer valid.

Check the answer by Graham Dunnet on a very recent similar question to yours.

Can’t find unity-remote-4 in AppStore

The answer states that:

Apple have taken the remote down, and
we’re trying to find out why. In the

  1. You can still deploy your Unity game to your iOS device. The Remote
    isn’t needed for this.
  2. You can download the source code for the Remote app from Asset Store
    using the link that @Zephire shared.
    Build that in Xcode and deploy that to
    your iOS device.

If you are not signed up with Apple to
do iOS development, then the
disappearance of the Remote app from
the App Store is acknowledged to be

Unity Remote 4 and all other apps from Unity Technology are back again in all supported App Stores! We apologise for the inconvenience and hope you can continue with your great work now!

Hi bro
i own a untiyremote infrared gear4 but i did not find any app in the apple store,
please help me any other solution to use the infrared remote with another app

or any support or help will be appreciated

thanks a lot,hi bro help me to find the application unityremote for gear4 , i search ios app store but nothing found.

any help will be appreciated

my email is

thanks a lot