No Virtual Reality Supported checkbox in Windows Store App Player Settings?

I am trying to go through the Holograms 100 basic tutorial listed here:

I am at step “Specify the export for Windows Holographic” where it states that I should go to Player Settings > Windows Store Apps > Other Settings and there, under Rendering, I should have a check box labeled “Virtual Reality Supported”. I should have to check that check box, then see a Virtual Reality Devices list, where I would choose “Windows Holographic”.

The Problem: At that location, there is no “Virtual Reality Supported” setting. Screenshot here:

I do have that setting available in player settings under Standalone, and Android settings, but I want to know if there is anything I need to download or set up that I am missing in order to make this work in Windows store apps player settings?

According to Unity’s HoloLens page you’ll have to install the Unity HoloLens Technical Preview version of Unity. This custom build supports only the build target for Windows Store apps, and can be installed side by site with other versions of Unity.