No Visual Studio 2017 support for Unity 2017.3?

I just installed unity 2017.3 after reformatting my computer, and installed VS 2017 through the Unity installer. However, when i try to open a script from my project, Visual Studio prompts that the target framework (.NET 3.5, Unity Subset v3.5) is not installed. When i check “download the targeting pack”, i get sent to the MSN starting page informing me that the famed Swedish actor Johannes Brost has unfortunately died from cancer. Very tragic, but not as tragic as me not being able to use my IDE.

I tried opening the VS installer to see if i could download any additional packages - apparently, Visual Studio tools for Unity is installed, and there is a component for Unity 2017.2 64-bit editor, although none for 2017.3. Does Visual Studio not yet have support for Unity 2017.3, or am i missing something else?

EDIT: According to the VS installer, .NET 3.5 is already installed on my computer. I’m not sure why i’m getting this error message at all.

You could re-target your Unity project to use .Net 4.6 in the player settings? I struggle to do without some of the goodies in later versions of C# so tend to just do that anyway.

Yes, that’s true, but i thought Unity support for .NET 4.5+ was still considered “experimental”? Or is it same-same as long as you only use 3.5 features?

Also, changing the target doesn’t seem to help since i still lose IntelliSense. In the solution explorer, my project is marked as “unavailable”.