No Windows Build Support?

Hello, last few months or days ago, the PC build was working, and I downloaded some new exporters or compilers or whatever, and I saw the PC build disappeared and I re-installed Unity then, the PC build it said, it is not loaded, then I downloaded the installer again (I deleted the installer, so I have to download it again cuz, it’s a waste of space) and then the Windows Build Support is not there, as RealMTG said 99289-problem.png

I can’t find Windows Build Support, so if anyone could help me, thanks.

Windows/OSX standalone are the default platforms and always included when installing the editor. What exactly are the new “exporters or compilers or whatever” you installed? They appear to have modified your build chain to remove those build targets.

Just ran into this myself.
The solution, indeed, is to reinstall unity, as administrator.
I just ran install.bat as admin and it works OK.