No World Space Canvas render with Cardboard Distortion Correction: Unity



Unity Pro Osx 5.4.0b18

Google Cardboard Package 0.8.0

Compiled for Android but bug visible even in Preview.

With the setting Distortion Correction set to Unity or Native, the World Space Canvas are not rendered in the scene.

It’s a regression as it was working on previous version 5.3.1

(If we set the Distortion Correction to None, we can see the canvas, but the deformation is not acceptable for VR).

Are there any solution or hack-around to get back the canvas visible ?

It’s really important as for VR World Canvas are mandatory.

Thanks for all.

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This is a known issue which is yet to be solved. Unfortunately it is still there in the latest version of Unity. As the google documentation of the Google Cardboard Unity Package says:

“Starting with 5.3.4p2, a bug in Unity prevents rendering World Space uGUI Canvases into a RenderTexture. Since RenderTextures are used for distortion correction, this effects all such canvases in VR.”

Have a look at the “Known Issues” Section for Cardboard SDK version 0.8. Release Notes

So currently the only solution is to downgrade your Unity.

By the way you can keep multiple version of Unity installed in your system.
Reference Doc : Unity Manual : Installing Multiple Version of Unity