Non Capsule Character Controller?

I would like to have a character controller that registers collisions in a different shape than a capsule. If possible I’d like it to be shorter than it is wide but that doesn’t seem to be possible. So is there any way to make the character controller a different shape than a capsule?


You have to use a rigidbody in this case. The CharacterController is “not” a physics object. For Phyx the CC is just a static collider. The CC has it’s own movement and collision logic which is based on an up-right capsule. That’s can’t be changed.

If it’s important to have your “player” being immune against external forces you can do this:

  • Put your rgidbody-player on a seperate layer.
  • put other objects that shouldn’t apply forces to the player on another layer.
  • disable collisions between those two layers.
  • Add a script to your player (and maybe other RB objects) which moves a normal collider (same shape) along with the player. This extra collider has to be a seperate object (not a child) and should be on the default layer.

With this setup you get a similar effect as with the CC. RBs can’t collide with each other but with the extra collider. Sind the extra collider are simple collider they can’t be pushed away by RBs but can block RBs.

It’s not optimal but might work.