Non Character movement from A to B

I was working on VR application. I’m new to VR.

Concept: New Trainee has to observe how nurse in the hospital moves from one room to another and how she interact with patients All these moments/ Interacting are observed by the trainee by keeping VR headset

  1. Main person Watches Nurse moments/interacting by using VR headset
  2. Nurse is completely AI (not controlled by any input device) (3D model) who always walks from one room to another room and interacting with patients

My first task is to move Nurse from room A to room B
=> This is what I tried so far: Went to Mixamo website chose a 3D model along with walking animation
As Nurse is not the main character, it should automatically start walking from room A to B I tried Animation Controller but no use

How is this task is possible, Should I need to use NavMeashAgent(but I heard NavMeashAgent only used for the static object, not for complicated objects like a human 3D model)
Please help me, any tutorials or resources would be helpful

Firstly, NavMeshAgent can be used for anything. You’ll of course have to write some code to get the animations playing, but not a hard task (you can just plug in the velocity really). There’s really no difference between a cube and a human 3D model. On the latter you will have animations, but that’s a separate thing entirely.

I wouldn’t recommend trying to use animations, or specifically root motion, to move your nurse around the scene, as it makes it quite difficult to edit the path they go on later or reuse anything. Just use the animations as a visual effect so that they don’t appear to float around, and just use something else (like navmesh or a custom path) to actually move them about.

Secondly, if you want a more predetermined path that’s easier to work with, you might want to just have an array of positions and then lerp between them one at a time.

If you dont want to use NavMeshAgent (Wish is amazing you shold use) then →

  • Create a coroutine that make the character look at the destination and then add o its position a transform.forward i think it will work