Non game app,Unity for non game app

I’m going to develop an app that have a 3d object

There will be login and register option( work with firebase authentication)

User must have the ability to rotate and touch the 3d object.
when user touches somewhere on the 3d object some information will be shown that information will be get from the server

Also Google map must be integrated with the app

I have implemented the login and register part with android studio and 3d view part with unity
then unity project is connected to the android app as a library

But now I’m thinking to develop all the things with unity (login, register, firebase authentication, 3d view , map), Is it a good idea to develop the app like this with unity

Or are there any option to integrate the 3d view with android studio project without unity


I’m not too familiar with Android Studio, but if you’re already doing half of it in Unity, it’s not going to be too hard to just finish the whole thing in Unity.

You can use Unity’s UI elements to create the touch buttons needed as well as a UI panel to pop-up with the information to be shown. The login and registration can all also be done through Unity’s UI and your current code pretty easily.

There are a few assets on the store page that cover the map, or you can find more information on implementing it yourself over here:

I personally would just create the whole project in Unity because I am familiar with it. I wouldn’t have to learn Android Studio, and I could accomplish most of the other tasks in minimal time. Which would leave me plenty of time to make it look pretty. You can also find some UI elements on the asset store or places like