Non-gamepad Xbox 360 peripherals are not enumerated from the Windows native backend in Unity 2022

Hello! While looking at an open-source project that uses the new input system, I noticed an issue on its tracker regarding Xbox 360 guitars not being listed in its device configuration settings. I was able to reproduce this issue locally, and it seems to be a regression introduced some time in Unity 2022. I've used both 2019.4.40f1 and 2021.3.9f1 with some of my own projects, and they both list all XInput devices just fine. Tested 2022 versions include 2022.2.0b16 and 2022.2.11f1, both of which seem to have the same behavior.

I have tested the following peripherals using 2022.2.11f1 on Windows, and none of them show up:

  • MadCatz Fender Stratocaster (subtype 6)
  • RedOctane Gibson Xplorer (subtype 7)
  • RedOctane Gibson Les Paul (subtype 7)
  • MadCatz Rock Band 2 Drumkit (subtype 8)
  • MadCatz Rock Band 3 Keyboard (subtype 15)
  • RedOctane DJ Hero Turntable (subtype 23)
  • Microsoft Wireless Speed Wheel (subtype 82)

Only my standard Xbox 360/One gamepads will show up, though inputs work correctly on them (didn't think they'd be broken, but worth checking lol).

I have not tested different versions of the package portion of the input system, but this issue seems to be on the native end since they are not listed even as an unsupported device.

Any updates on this issue @ team? this is effecting a number of projects currently.

I am also curious about the status or investigation into this ticket.

@Schubkraft Sorry for the unsolicited ping but I saw you’re active in some other input system threads. Have you come across this issue as well?

Thanks :slight_smile: