Non-invocable member "IEnumerator" cannot be used like a method. Start StartCoroutine from other script ??

Hello !
I meet an error like this when i try to StartCorotine from other script

foreach (Scale_big_bar bar in big_bar)

In Scale_big_bar i write IEnumerator like this

public IEnumerator bigger_small_bar()

Sorry for my bad english. Thanks for help !!!

Sorry but the information you provided doesn’t seem to fit together. You said you defined the coroutine “bigger_small_bar” inside your “Scale_big_bar” class. However in your code above you try to call “bar.scale_bigger_bar()”. Obviously “bigger_small_bar” and “scale_bigger_bar” are not the same thing. What it is we don’t know.

I highly recommend to clean up your class and method names. They are more than confusing and not very descriptive. Classnames give an object a name and should describe what an isntance of that class represents. Usually classnames are made up of nouns since they represent an object. Method names should be made up from verbs since they represent an action