Non-relational DB on Android?

Hi everyone, is there a way to use a non-relational database on Android?

ORMs like Entity Framework are too heavy for such a platform and even the simpler SQLite-Net (or SQLite4Unity3D) can’t handle relationships among the data model classes, and for me it’s crucial to establish one-to-many and many-to-many associations.

That’s why I started thinking about an alternative to ORMs.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

I found a workaround to ORMs: there’s the chance to use an OODB on mobile devices. It’s the Elenesski’s one you can find in the asset store. I’ll take it as a starting point to eliminate the mapping between the entities model in my games and the tables of the relational database needed to persist them.

The only drawback are the OODB’s poor querying capabilities, but I think business intelligence is not a major subject to undertake in game creation. However, Elenesski’s custom indexes are powerful enough to filter data out during retrieval.

In the end, it was good to explore the non-relational world, just to understand i didn’t need it.