Non-Square Terrain for Floating Islands

I hope this is the right place to ask this. If this is the kind of question I should take elsewhere please let me know.

The game I am making involves islands that float in the sky. I get the impression that Unity’s terrain tool is intended for larger terrains but I thought it was ideal as it lets me fiddle with hills, ditches grass etc. right in Unity.

The problem is that as far as I can tell Unity’s terrain seems to only make square terrains. There are a couple of things I’ve tried to make the islands look round.

  1. I tried using a texture with transparency to paint over the edges. This didn’t work.
  2. I raised most of the terrain way up so that it is actually a very tall plateau. This looks okay if you are on the island but if the player were to travel to another island (or if the island were bean shaped etc.) then you would spot these weird cliffs.

Does anybody know of any solutions for this problem? Or am I simply pushing the terrain tool in a direction it was never meant to be used in?

Attached is a picture of my current solution. Thanks in advance.

I think Unity’s terrain tool is not for that. I don’t know if you can try to add a second terrain to your escene and put it on the sky, but terrains are planes so seen from below it will look ugly anyway.

If you don’t want to use an external tool to model the islands, another possibility is to make a different escene for each island. In the main terrain you can put big rocks floating far in the sky and when the user takes the elevator or whatever to travel to the island you can load the escene of the island, putting a pic of the main terrain seen from above in the bottom side of your skybox cubemap. This trick may work :slight_smile: