None of my Blend files are reading anymore

I just downloaded the new version of unity and every single mesh I had imported is no longer working. Is this an intended issue with the new version of unity or is this something that is broken and is being fixed? I don’t understand how it was working fine in the last version and all of sudden it doesn’t at all anymore. I get upgrading your engine to make it better and more efficient, but is it really necessary to keep removing old systems that people relied on? I had just mustered the willpower to take on the monumental task of learning C# and rewriting all of my scripts and have been busting my ass over the last few months getting that done and now this? I hate to just sound angry and bitter, but this is just… not sustainable. Am I supposed to not upgrade Unity at all? Because I did that for a while and I was unable to even build and run the game outside of the editor anymore. I guess the question is, is this issue with my blend files not reading all of a sudden a known issue that is being patched and fixed or am I really going to forced to re-import every single mesh I have imported? Because if it’s the latter I don’t think I can keep doing this…

Here you go buddy : Blender could not convert the .blend file to fbx file Unity 2019.1.0 - Questions & Answers - Unity Discussions

Turns out you need blender beta for to be compatible.
DO NOT REMOVE YOUR CURRENT BLENDER, Unity 2019 is only compatible with the Beta, but every other version of unity cannot use Blender Beta.