None of my scripts are loading

I have the ‘associated script can not be loaded, check compiler errors’ for all my scripts, although it was working fine yesterday, as far as I am aware I haven’t touched anything, so my question is: What?

Should add that there are no actual compiler errors.

UPDATE - My other project on my mem stick works, the scripts in there are fine, just the ones on my comp suck

hmm, have you tried rebooting?

when you start you project at the editor what is happening?

  1. unity stucks:
    then you probably created an infinite loop

  2. none of the script are called:
    make sure they are not called by adding to the start method:

     	Debug.Log ("i was actually called");

i) if its really not called then your objects and scripts are not linked…

ii) if its called the your logic in the code is flawed and you should recheck it

i hope i helped :slight_smile:

Hi, maybe it’s a cache/generated files problems.

Make a backup of your project directory first!

Close Unity, then try deleting the Library/ScriptAssemblies directory, or the whole /Library directory to force Unity to re-import & rebuild when launching it.

Edit: maybe you lost the .meta files of the /asset directory during a copy or delete. They may be “hidden” files. Unity needs those files.