Noob Level Design 2d Question

Game Platform – Mobile IOS
Level - Objects spawned from outside the world view and fall down into the world. Kind of like Kaboom 2600.

I want to design levels but was wondering what is the best way to go.

Different Scene for each level.
Can I create them from a text level.
Can I create a large panel that contains all of the game objects and falls down into the world view.

Basically what is the best way. I don’t want to reinvent the wheel so I am reaching out and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I never played Kaboom 2600 but I looked it up on youtube. It seems it just has 1 level lol (correct me if I’m wrong).
BUT if you want to make different levels to make it more interesting, you can make a new level with a new scene. Place a couple of sprites around like platforms being tilted or even moving. These sprites can have a Rigidbody2d component and marked as kinematic. The bombs falling from the top can be prefabs that have a Rigidbody2d component. The platforms and obstacles can affect the trajectory of the bombs, making the level more challenging. Just make the sprites on gimp or photoshop and presto!

Is that more or less the answer you needed? I hope it works out! Cheers!