[NOOB] player network transform glued together

I am trying to create a basic multiplayer setup and am testing it locally. In fact I am trying to follow this tutorial,

But I am running into a problem I don't understand when I test out multiplayer movement locally. The two player prefabs are glued together. Even if I move the player in the local client player in the scene editor, it is stuck to the other player!
Any ideas? it must be simple but I have done much multiplayer before and have no idea what is going wrong.

Hey dude,

Are you using Unet? If so have you set the player prefab to "Local authority"? It's noob question, I know, but one worth asking...

All the best.

Yeah I have had to figure that one out, it is right now. The problem I had was to do with the cameras not getting set correctly. So I had more than one camera in scene, it produced a very confusing outcome for me.

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