NoobQuestion: Possible To Have INT as Infinity?

I have a variable on my script which is a : int. Just wondering if its possible, that instead of having a value - its just infinity?


Not with ints. Floats can use Mathf.Infinity.

Integers do not have a 'infinity' value. Once an integer is greater than max value it will wrap around to the minimum value. Here is a (C#) example:

int temp = int.MaxValue;
temp += 1;
print("temp = " + temp);


temp = -2147483648

Without an example, it is a little hard to guage what you are trying to do so here are a few examples you could try:-

Your could use a boolean which can be set true or false. You could then do a loop like so

var isMoving:Boolean = true; 
// Loop endlessley 
// Do some stuff forever

You should look at Unitys built in Update function which loops forever anyway:

Finally, you can use floats to achieve this. Take a look at Mathf.Infinity.

How about use a float instead so you can use Mathf.Infinity?

To simulate an integer, you can restrict the float to its ceiling value by using Mathf.Ceiling(float) in an OnValidate() function.

Info on OnValidate(): Unity - Scripting API: MonoBehaviour.OnValidate()