Normal Map on Terrain

Hello Everybody,

We tried many methods but we could not apply normal map to Terrain. How can we apply normal map to Terrain. We use Unity 2.6.1 Pro with Windows 7 Pro 64 Bit + ZOTAC Nvidia GeForce GT5250..

Thanks for your help to us.


As far as I know, you have to write your own shader. You can download the built-in shader source here, and I thought the terrain shaders were within this package.

Just change the Material tab to diffuse bump and it should bring up an option to put on a texture and a normal map.

There is indeed another way my friend. You can create the terrain you want. export the terrain as a .raw. Import the .raw into your favorite modeling program. And you will have an exact copy of the terrain. Now you could texture it via stencil maps if you use blender. You could even export it as obj into zbrush and sculpt it into much higher quality. Then you can bake a normal map for high poly terrain, decimate the terrain until it equals the old polygons. Now when you import this into unity it is no longer a "terrain" and it will now be an actual model. This model can now have the normal map you baked from the high poly terrain applied to it. And you will have the textures map you baked. So ultimately this gives you higher quality terrain then normal unity terrain and since every texture is atlas'd you have high optimization. So thats how you do it. Or if you are good with coding writing a custom shader may prove more useful. = )

btw if you use blender then this tutorial will help.


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