Normal map (tangent space) Behaving in a weird manner

I’m trying to achieve a wet road effect in Unity 2019.3 | HDRP (7.1.8) Using Normal Map And SSR.

When Changing the strength of my normal map i realised a weird behavior. It seems to be changing the whole plane orientation. The issue is probably on my end cause I’m quite new to unity, note that i’ve never had this working before.

Strength Set To 0 :
alt text
Strength Set to 0.2 :
alt text
For showing purpose i’m using a flat normal map
I Made The model in Blender and Textured it in Substance Painter

Here’s how it looks in substance Painter :
alt text

any Idea of what might be causing the issue ?

Have a good day !

Original Thread :

Found The Issue, I feel quite stupid xD. You just have to Change The Texture type to normal map