Normal Mapping Not Working

Apologies for the noob nature of this q, but I’m pulling what little hair I have left trying to get this working. I’m just trying to get in to Unity (ex Sunburn user). Anyway…

I’m building up a scene (blender imports). I’ve switched off import of model materials.

Player settings are using deferred rendering as there will be a fair number of lights (eventually).

I’ve created some bumped specular materials and applying them (drag/drop) to various scene objects. UV mapping etc appears fine.

However I’m just not seeing the normal mapping in the game view (camera) or scene view for that matter. Utterly frustrating (normal mapping is working in material view window).

The ring in the model of the attach image should have a nice (normal mapped) padding look (as per material).

I hope this is an easy one? … Help!

OK. I found the issue so posting the answer for me.

In the camera properties, the Rendering Path needs to be set. Had to be something that simple (was set to Vertex Lit). D’oh!