Normal maps turned pink and orange?

Looking at some of our assets in our Android app, I noticed they looked strange and flat. Going back to our asset management project, all the normal map previews are a pink/orange tone. Looking at our assets that does seem to make sense, because the lighting seems flipped.


I can however for the life of me not figure out what could cause this to happen. The files are unharmed. And no matter what import settings I use (full size/resized, default import or advanced, compressed/uncompressed, RGBA32/24/DXT5/DXT1/ETC/whatever) the maps remain an otherwise lovely pink/orange tone.

So my question is, what could have caused this? What might I have selected/changed that would cause this to happen? Or is this a (known) issue of some sort? Search has come up empty, besides this particular post which was of no help.

Switching back to a standalone build in the same project, made everything appear as normal once again. Then switching back to Android (with all the reimporting this triggered) the same issue popped up again.

Update: I have chalked this one up to a strange bug and moved on. No amount of reimporting or file format changes would work. Given one of the comments it seems I’m not alone in this issue. Unfortunately I can’t recreate the situation in another project, so I don’t have anything to share as a bug report. If someone could, please doe so. I ended up recreating the entire project and haven’t encountered the issue since.

The editor just displays them incorrectly when DX11 mode is enabled in PC build settings, for some reason this carries over to mobile. Ive noticed this on Windows. On Mac this doesn’t seem to happen.

So in build settings of PC mode, disable DX11 from the PC player settings(Uncheck “Use Direct3D 11”). This should resolve any issues you see when working in iOS or Android mode.

What format is the image in, does it show up pink only when as “normal map” type ?
If reimpoting does not work, it must be something with the file not unity