normalisedTime troubles

Hi there, i m french so excuse my english

I have a character walking, but the animation is not continuous, so looping at it does it is also sliding, i want him to move only on the leg pushing frames of the walk cycle.

to do so i m trying the normalisedTime action to reach certain frames of animation

but as i am a very beginner, i mfirst trying things in an empty scene (instead of crashing the controller script i spend so many hours to wrote (with tuto for shur)).

so in this try (as it is in my true scene) i have the character into a empty object
and I wrote:

var figurine:GameObject;  //to bring in the animated gameObject

function Start () {
 var idle= figurine.animation["idle"];
idle.wrapMode=WrapMode.Default;       // with default it works

function message (){

    if(figurine.animation["idle"].normalizedTime <0.5){

function FixedUpdate(){

so with the WrapMode set on Default it works well:
I have the messages :"first_part,second_part,first_part_second_part etc…
but if i change WrapMode into:


it does not alternate, it clamps as so:
First_part,Second_part,Second_part,Second_part,Second_part,Second_part, etc…

Could some one light me with this?
Thank you very much.
greetings from france.

I’m suspecting that it’s just continuing to count normalizedTime past 1.0 - try wrapping the value. In JavaScript (which it appears you’re using) I think it’s:

var actualTime = ((normalizedTime * 100) % 100) / 100.0;