Normalize Vector uses ?

When i normalize a vector3 (5,0,0), and got (1,0,0) right ? So, i’ve got this unit length ,1. So, what can i do with this value for? if it is useful for something ? Give me an example. Sorry, as i’m new to normalizing stuff.

You can use it as a direction. If you normalize the difference between two points in space, you can treat that normal as a direction vector. Since it is of unit length, you can use it to move stuff along that direction. You could also use the difference unnormalized, but then you would have objects moving at different speeds. The normal is used for a lot of things, but mainly movement directions, raycast directions and used in lighting calculations where you figure out the amount of light that should hit a surface given two normals. One for the face and one for the light. A simple implementation of such is to use the dot product between the directions.

// Example that moves transform toward target at a constant speed.
var difference = target.position - transform.position;
transform.position += difference.normalized * Time.deltaTime * speed;