Normals flipped on editable poly model - imported from Max


When I import my character model into Unity from Max, the normals appear flipped with the texture only being visible on the inside faces. This happens with both a .MAX file and a .FBX file.

I can remedy this by flipping the normals before export from Max, but am wondering what I'm doing incorrectly in the first place.

Any ideas?

Many thanks.

Maybe try to flip te normals and then export?

Rightclick on your object and select ConvertTo: -> Editable Poly. Afterwards go to the Modify Tab, go into Polygon mode and select the polys that are flipped.

Once you've done that, scroll down to the Edit Polygons section and press Flip. Or you can select an element in Element mode and then go to Edit Elements and press Flip.

Try saving it this way.

I hope it helped :)

I use Maya and I found I had to do a Reverse Normals on my scene before anything appears correctly in Unity.

I think its just the way Unity and Autodesk software differ in the way they read the file formats.

I get this sometimes in Max 8. what I usually do it take note of which parts are fliped in Unity and then just flip them in max and re-export. but I think you might already be doing that. An Updated FBX exporter as sugguested is probably best. But for me I'm stuck with what I have as Autodesk only supports back to vesrion 9 of max.

No it's weird. I've actually gotten this for the first time today. The model isn't face flipped in max and then Unity just flips them right backwards. It does help to flip all the faces in max, but then your model wouldn't be correctly shown in max.. I wonder what the issue is aswell. I've made tons of models and exporting them as FBX always worked.

Hi, I had the same problem, and found on some unity forum the solution, well at least it helped me. Try it, maybe it will help you.

Basically what you have to do is reset the xForm.

This is a link to some guys tutorial on how to do it. Good luck !

For posterity: Fastest way to fix this in max is to save UVWs, collapse the entire model to an edit poly, load the UVWs onto the model and then redo anything above your Unwrap modifier. Saves you the trouble of re-unwrapping it with flipped normals in max. Worked like a charm for me.

In 3ds max, if you are able to delete your mirrored model (if its mirrored), if the model has a skin modifier go to advanced parameters, export the vertex weights, its the save button. go to your other model, hold shift, move it in place of the bones, where you would find skin modifier, choose the mirror in there, instead of the edit button. add your bones, load your vertex weights and wala! I had trouble for months and just figured this out. Its for my FP arms. luckily I have no deadline!