Normals Issues - Blender 2.5 to Unity

I’m brand new to Unity so perhaps I’m missing something simple.

I’ve modeled a few objects in Blender 2.5, verified the directions of all my normals for faces and vertices are facing the right directions. When I import the fbx into Unity some of the normals are fine and others seem to be reversed. Which ones are correct and which are not seem to be rather random. To test, in blender I have tried reversing all normals, resetting them to the outside and a few manually changes. After each I re-imported to Unity and got almost identical results as the initial problematic import.

Does anyone have any suggestions? To be honest I’m not sure if the issue is with Blender, Unity or myself…


Just a follow-up to my own ticket, in case someone stumbles upon it in the future.

I seem to have resolved this problem with the normals. It appears that because I had not yet assigned a material to the meshes in Blender that some normals didn’t work correctly once imported into Unity, even after fixing them, reversing them etc. I will verify this with some more models again later and post a follow-up of whether or not this was indeed the reason.

also in blender if you go to edit mode select all the vertices/faces and hit ctrl+n it calculates all normals based on the camera and flips them.

this happens when you duplicate a an object then apply scale -1 to flip it. for example right arm created by flipping a left arm object.

Solution is to duplicate the mesh then scale it -1 in edit mode and recalculate the normals.