Norton Antivirus reports Unity3D created exe as a Virus

I'm having this very annoying issue with my Unity3D built game and Norton Antivirus 2010. When building windows exe with custom file-icons, Norton AV reports that it behaves like a virus, and guarantines it.

How to reproduce:

1) Create empty project and add empty scene to it.

2) Add icons to it from Player Settings. (Without icons its free from viruses)

3) Build

4) Run - And the "norton sonar" pops up, and says that it has taken the exe to guarantine.

This all works with other antivirus software, like F-Secure and AVG.

So to get the same results, you must install this trial version of Norton antivirus 2010, install latest updates, and reboot (you have to reboot to get this reproduced, eaven thought that installer does not require it).

I also tried to create exe without icon, and change the icon with two different softwares (XN Resource Editor and Icon Changer), but the results are the same.

Oh, and one more thing. If you run the exe before you have Norton installed, it all works, because Norton thinks its trusted file since you have already used it, and does not check it. So you must build the exe after having norton installed / run existing exe file first time.

I think its a bug in Norton Antivirus software. But I thought that it would be good to write this down, if someone else is fighting with the same issue. (I spent a whole day for hunting this down.)

Or is there any ideas how to prevent this?

Found this on Norton 2011.

Apparently with Norton File Insight you can tell it to trust Unity. I would do the same with mono, MonoDevelop and anything else in the Unity build Environment.

"Right-click a file to scan it using Norton from the Context Menu

After an individual file scan File Insight opens up with information about the file and you can select to Trust now so it is added to the whitelist of trusted files. Adding large files to the Norton Insight list to save time when running scans."

Not exactly knowing how Norton deals with trusted files, it could trust anything that do like build the exe.