NoSuchMethodError when calling a Facebook method

When I call a FB methodI get this error.

java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: no static method with name=‘LoginWithReadPermissions’ signature='(Ljava/lang/String;)V in class Lcom.facebook.unity.FB;

var perms = new List<string>() { "public_profile", "email", "user_friends" };
FB.LogInWithReadPermissions(perms, AuthCallback);

It comes out at the 2nd line of the code above.

It happens only on Android phone. It works fine in the Unity Editor.
I am using Unity 2019.1.0f2 and Galaxy FE.

I found the method name starts with ‘LogIn’ but it starts with ‘Login’ in the error message.
The ‘I’ in the word LogIn is different. Capitalized and small letter.
Would that be a reason? Strange…

Any help will be so appreciated. Thanks for reading.

I fixed it by disabling proguard in the build.gradle file, following this article.