Not able to enter Play Mode on Quest2 headset using OpenXR


I have recently started VR development with Unity using a Quest 2 heaset, Unity 2022.3 and XR Interaction Toolkit 2.5.4. Unfortunately I have been unable to enter Play Mode throught my headset when using OpenXR as my Plug-in provider. I am able to enter Play Mode through the headset when Oculus is set as the plug-in provider. When I enter Play Mode with OpenXR enabled, nothing happens on the headset despite the Unity Editor entering Play Mode correctly. No log messages occur.

Steps I have taken to try to resolve this:
Ensured the headset is set to developer mode
Enabled Oculus Touch Controller profile in Interaction profiles
Ensured Quest Link is working
I have enabled all the OpenXR feature groups

Any help would be greatly appreciated.