Not able to play Video on Object Imported from Blender,Not able to Play Movie using VideoPlayer on a object imported from Blender

I want to play a video on a Curved Surface, curved plane, inside a Sphere or similar object.

To achieve this I used the flip-normals/ double sided-normals feature in Blender on an object and then I imported it to Unity. However, in the play mode instead of playing the Video, the Object colour turns into black and Audio is played but not the movie.

,I want to play a movieClip inside a Sphere or any curved Surface, I have created a sphere in blender and used the Flip Normals option (as well as the double-sided Normals) feature, as I import this model in unity and try to play a movie on it using Texture Renderer or Material Override Feature, the object turns black (and switch shades in case the movie is coloured).

I tried the same with a curved plane (to be used as a curved display) but failed,

Please help me.

Ugh I’m having the same problem! Why won’t it work :frowning: