Not able to use Visual Studio as debugger, but it works as editor

Similar questions have been asked before, but I have not found any that have these specific problems.

When I work with my existing project, all script files open in Visual Studio 2013 like I want them to. Updates to the code are reflected in the game, as long as I build the scripts in Visual Studio. However, breakpoints are never caught in Visual Studio - even when placed within FixedUpdate or other functions that will always run.

In Edit → Preferences → External Tools, Visual Studio is selected as the script editor. However, in the Assets menu, the last item says “sync MonoDevelop project”, rather than “sync Visual Studio project”.

Inside Visual Studio, the green debug/run arrow button (you know the one) only says “Start”.

These problems are identical for my old project and a new, fresh one. The problems also carry over when I transferred the project to my other PC. However, on that other PC, an older version of the project did interact with Visual Studio properly. With this older good project, the debug/run arrow says “Attach To Unity”.

What step am I missing? Thanks,

Do you have the Unity Visual Studio tools installed and imported? I have found them to be very stable for debugging with VS2013.

“Write and debug your Unity games using Microsoft Visual Studio”