"Not finished compiling"? I'm a complete newbie - help?

This probably is a stupid question, but I'm 13 and a total newbie to Unity and Javascript and don't know what to do. So I took a script from the Island Demo project and imported it into my other project to see if it would work. I tried to add it to a gameobject, but it said "It hasn't finished compilation yet". I copied the text, made a new Javascript file, and tried again. Same thing. What does this message mean? If time means anything here, I created the script about 15 minutes ago. Help? EDIT: Got it! Man, how did I miss that...

I think you'll find that that's because there was an error in the script. Is that the case? BTW, you aren't the only 13 year old... See my page.

Soooo. Did you answer your own question? I can't tell what the edit means. If it takes that long to compile, the script usually has an error. Check the console. Judging by the fact that you dragged it into another, I would guess that the script references a class in the island demo that you don't have in your project. Go through the script and either remove or edit the lines the console says do not exist.

Same, I have a gun shoot script and I try to add it to a gun model, but it keeps saying Script Gun has not finished compiling. I also have an error saying ‘global::’ already has a name for Gun. Please Help!

LOL im also 13, and how do you edit, like what do you remove or add... im confused... im trying to make third person rpg/mmo with my friends and we keep getting compilation errors, anyone that can help?

im 13 as well... and i have gotten this error a fair bit... tried to fix... and worked..