not importing new animations?

I double click my asset, which brings up blender and make an animation, save the animation, save the blend file, close blender and unity starts updating the asset.

Problem is unity does not import any new animations. Even worse is I get the first frame of the last animation I was working on on my current animations which messes up the animations I already have.

If I edit an animation I already have it updates fine.

Are assets limited to 6 animations?

So I know it’s been a while but I just had this issue, and I think I found a complete fix:

In the import window, I went to the Animations tab.
With “Import animations” checked, I went down to the list of “Clips” and removed all of these clips by pressing the minus sign for all of them. I hit apply.
Then I unchecked “Import animations”. I hit apply.
Finally, I checked “Import animations” again and hit apply, and my new animation was finally added to the list.

Not sure if all those steps were necessary, but it seems like removing the items from the “Clips” list was a key factor.

The method @RadJor64 gave works but isn’t optimal. If you have heavily configured animations (like say, lots of events attached to them at very specific points in the animations) you’ll have to re-enter all that information every time you do his method which is tedious.

A much easier way to add new animations to existing characters is to;

  1. After you’ve animated a new clip in Blender switch back to Unity and let it re-import automatically.

  2. Select your asset and go to the animation tab.

  3. In the section that lists all your clips, click the + icon at the bottom.

  4. with the newly created clip selected, scroll down slightly to where you can see that clips properties

  5. just below where you can name the clip, click the “Source Take” dropdown and select your new animation (It should have it’s name).

You now have imported a new animation without having to remove all of your old ones first. I hope this helped.

Had to go back to an earlier save of the character before it had any animations, animate that and import it to get the extra animations I needed.