Not possible to use the latest Xcode 15 beta 6 to run on a real device or simulator

not possible to use latest Xcode beta 6 to run the project on VisionPro device or a simulator.
When I tried to use the latest Xcode 15 beta 6 to build the project for a simulator or a real VisionPro device, I got an error.

Unity 2018.3.5f1
XCode 15 beta 6
VisionPro seed4 or simulator

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I have this problem also, with Xcode 15 beta 7 (which Iā€™m told is required for a real device)

The current packages require Xcode 15 beta 2. We expect to release updated packages soon that will work with more recent versions of the Xcode beta.

@kapolka Thanks for the answer. Could you please give us some dates that are oriented?