Not rendering objects outside of the main camera view

Hello, I have a grid map from hexagons and I created hexagon chunks about 15x15 hexagons. My idea is that when those chunks cannot be seen by the main camera, there is no need to render that chunk and I can save some CPU - but how do I achieve this. I was looking for some ideas on the internet but they all talked about calculating if the point is seen and so on but that would not help me.

Also, the way it is instantiated, all the chunks have their transforms in the same place for easier calculation of clicked hexagon so I cannot use this approach. My idea was shooting a bunch of rays from the camera and seeing if any one of them hit the chunk. If at least one hit the chunk, then you render him, if not one, then don’t but I don’t want to reinvent the wheel if there is some tool for this already.

thanks for your answers!

So long as the meshes’ bounds are correct, the renderer will do this automatically for you. All objects are culled when no part of their bounds is visible on screen, and for partially offscreen objects any vertices that are offscreen will be culled and clipped by the shader.