Not supporting RenderToCubemap?

I want to use frosted glass effect. (including dynamic objects)
so, I use rendertocubemap, and sample cube map in shader graph.
in editor works, but simulator is not.

Hi Fataliteforu,
Here’s a concise version:

  1. Check Platform Support: Ensure RenderToCubemap is supported on your target platform.
  2. Update Unity and SDKs: Make sure you have the latest version of Unity and relevant SDKs.
  3. Alternative Methods: Use reflection probes or custom shaders for the frosted glass effect if RenderToCubemap is not supported.

The current version of PolySpatial/visionOS 1.0 only supports 2D RenderTextures, so it’s not a surprise that this doesn’t work. It might be possible to work around it by A. rendering six 2D RenderTextures, one for each cube map face, or B. blitting the faces of the rendered cube map to six separate 2D RenderTextures, passing those to a shader graph, and using custom sampling logic to select between the faces in the shader graph based on the direction.

However, the visionOS 2.0 beta includes the frosted glass effect directly (as the shader graph Blurred Background node), and we will be including a direct proxy for that in our next release. It also includes native support for cube maps, and in a future release we can probably use that support to allow using cube map RenderTextures.