Not sure what to search to find this

Basically, I am looking for a tutorial on how to do the following, but I am unsure what to search to find one. I am trying to create a game that is;

  • Time-based (24 hours)
  • Has certain actions that remove hours from the time
  • Uses pre-rendered 3D images that I will create
  • Allows the user to navigate between these images by clicking on certain things in the game
  • Each image has it’s own actions that remove different amounts of time
  • Each action should remove something such as energy from the player, so they have to refresh it every-so-often
  • Each action does something specific, such as gives the user more energy to perform certain tasks, etc.
  • The user can only do certain things when they have completed tasks

Does anyone know of a tutorial or something that would do something along those lines?


Or a template that is along those lines would be great also