Not-UI elements (3D models/particles) in UI system


I have a problem adding 3D models or particle systems to the Unity UI. The possible fault is UI system using the Rect Transform, which makes each unit a pixel on screen. The question is: How to add canvas driven objects?


While sliding a slider, it emits particles and the object, which is in given point on screen rotates.

How do I achieve this?

In the Canvas object - Canvas component: change render mode to “screen space - camera”. Attach your camera which renders the UI layer (can be the main camera or a new camera rendering UI layer only) to the “render camera” parameter.

Now for your slider, create your UI particle effect object and put it as a child under the “Handle” UI object. Make sure the layer of the particle system object is “UI”. You may need to scale up the whole effect quite a bit, but this can be easily done in transform-scale of the particle object.