Notepad++ setup on 5.5.1f

Following the Notepad++ setup instructions the most recent text file for function hints is for Unity 3.5.

I’m just getting into C# on Unity. Are hints for 3.5 sufficient? I’d assume they are, seeing as last I read monodevelop hasn’t been updated in years, but I’d just like to verify.

Thanks for any help.

If 3.5 is OK for 5.5, there should probably be a mention of it in the previous link, i.e., “3.5 and up”.

Notepad++ is a great tools for developers. But in combination with unity unless you know code by memory needs an upgrade. When we talk about intelissence and code hints i would recommend using Visual Studio. They have everything we need to scripting, even debugging your code. And also is free and the community is big. I hope this help you. Now i know more about scripting and i have both programs Notepad++ and Visual Studio on my side.