Notes or Bubble Window for Variables in Inspector Giving Help?

Is it possible to make a note bubble by hovering your mouse over a variable? This bubble or window would basically be a brief description of the variable you hover over with the mouse.

How would I do this I looked all through the web and in all the script references.

I’m writing in js and it cannot be using class LookLikeControlsInspector extends EditorWindow { just a normal js script.

Or can you use this within a normal js script? Can you mix the two?

I’m lookin for this too, so far the only solution that does exactly what i want is this

But i don’t want to pay for it, as it isn’t that important.

Use GUIContent for displaying a tooltip when the mouse is over the controls. From GUI Basics at the docs:

function OnGUI () 
    // This line feeds "This is the tooltip" into GUI.tooltip
    GUI.Button (Rect (10,10,100,20), GUIContent ("Click me", "This is the tooltip"));
    // This line reads and displays the contents of GUI.tooltip
    GUI.Label (Rect (10,40,100,20), GUI.tooltip);

I realize this is an old question but I answered a more recent one yesterday. I was looking for a solution to this and couldn’t find one elegant enough so I rolled my own simple solution. Shared on Github for free. See this forum post for more details:

Hope this helps someone out who’s looking for a solution :slight_smile: