nothing called after WaitForSeconds

I am trying to have the player leave something after it leaves a certain platform if it collides with a certain object.

this is my code:

if (i == 1){
			//leave bomb for following player
			player = collision.gameObject;
			Transform t = transform;
			currentPlatform = player.currentPlatform;
			StartCoroutine ("Wait");
public IEnumerator Wait(){
		//wait until player moves to new column
		yield return new WaitForSeconds(5);
		if (player.GetComponent<PlayerControl> ().currentPlatform == currentPlatform) {
			Wait ();

The first print statement works fine, but everything after that is not called. My timescale is NOT 0, so this is not the problem. Any suggestions?

Make sure you are using System.Collections;

And try changing yield return new WaitForSeconds(5); to yield return new WaitForSeconds(5f);