Novice Question: Assigning GameObject properties efficiently.

Context: Building an encyclopaedia in the Unity Hierarchy out of GameObjects. I wish to use it for 1.
Personal Data Management, and 2. Reference for character scripts, so characters may put their own spin on the way they perceive the world.

Example Problem: If I have 10 GameObjects under the Weapons category, I don’t sense the need to add a script for each weapon since they will all have the same variables.

If there’s a better way to do any of this, please let me know! Thanks.

Well, this is more a design question and not a question that can be answered clearly. However I can recommend this Unite talk from Richard Fine who actually works at Unity Technologies. Also I highly recommend this one from Ryan Hipple (Schell Games). Each one take about an hour to watch. Though if you’re struggling with such fundamental game design questions those would be a good primer.