Now are real-time shadows available in free version of Unity 4.x?

Hello everybody,i downloaded the version 5 of Unity and it is amazing! With a lot of “pro” features for free.The problem is that i can’t export my project to Unity 5 because some assets are not compatible with this new version,so my question is:all that free features like the real-time shadows in 5.x are available now in Unity 4.6?

I searched a lot of info about it and some people say that in unity 4.2(and above versions) real-time shadows are now available for free license,but i updated my Unity editor to the newest version(4.6.7) and i still having the missage of “Realtime shadows requires Unity pro”.It is a fake and that features are only available for free license in Unity 5?or i’m doing something wrong?

Thank you.

The feature difference between free and Pro in versions of Unity prior to 5.0 are unchanged.