Now Entering "ZONE NAME". HELP?

So Im making a MMO-RPG and I really need help to make Text appear on the screen when I enter a certain Area marked by a box.

| City of **** | Plains of ***** !

When I enter here I want text to display across the screen that says The zone name.

Please help me out. Thank you :slight_smile:

You can use the bounds of the zone box, and check if it contains the player position

var zbounds = Zone.collider.bounds;
if(zbounds.Contains(transform.position)) display_text = true;

Create a trigger covering the area, and create a GUIText to show the message (trigger script):

var gText: GUIText; // drag the GUIText here
var zoneName: String; // define the zone name here

function Start(){
  gText.text = ""; // blank the message at Start

function OnTriggerEnter(other: Collider){
  if (other.tag == "Player"){
    gText.text = zoneName; // display the zone name
    yield WaitForSeconds(5); // wait for some time...
    gText.text = ""; // and clear the message

The script above shows the zone name during 5 seconds. If you want to let the zone name appearing while the player is inside the zone, use the same GUIText for all zones and remove the last two instructions.