Now that Unity 4.1.2 broke the Android plugin examples, what do you use to learn them?

A buddy and I have been trudging through the documentation on writing Android plugins and across the internet to find out how we can get the .jar for our SDK to work in Unity. Unfortunately, much (all?) of the information seems to cause problems every time we use it.

Take the example projects at the bottom of the aforementioned documentation page. Both Java examples give a DllNotFoundException when run.

What do you use to learn how to write a plugin in 4.1.2? Perhaps more importantly: should I have us kick 4.1.2 to the curb and use an older version of Unity instead? Unity devs really want our SDK, but – with the difficulties we’ve been having – I’m wondering if they’d even be able to use it if we develop it in 4.1.2.


4.1.2 is really broken also here, profiler too slow on device to profile anything on android, timestep broken when samsung nexus fire its gpu downcloker (guess somebody hooked fixedupdate to update on JB) , smoothtimestep not influenced by the timescale , downgraded performances, editor crashing almost every 2 time when building the APK with “split binary” to name a few …