npapi gone! And now?

Npapi support as gone in chrome.
I have a project development for web player.
What is the alternative at this moment? WebGL?
I try compile project but there is a lot of problem with shader and www function…


As mentioned a few times already we are going to keep on supporting the webplayer as long as it makes sense for us and our customers. Browser vendors removing plugin support (Chrome, Edge, Safari) is out of our hands.

We are working with these same vendors to improve the overall WebGL environment and our WebGL solution. It will however never be a drop-in replacement for the Webplayer since they are two very different technologies.

WebGL has the same limitations as OpenGL ES 2.0 so check your shaders against that.
WWW object should work and we have a new WebRequest feature coming out with 5.2 very soon which you can try.