NPC/AI hunger and thirst help?

So basically I’ve added hunger and thirst to all AI/NPCs in the game. I’m still new to this, so I don’t know how to make them really pick up food or a drink, and then eat/drink it.

let’s say I made it to where the NPCs look at, and then walk towards the food/drink item. Maybe I’ll make a trigger script like if the NPC if in the small radius, he will automatically (1)pick it up, (2)eat it automatically, or (3)store it in inventory, then decide to eat it at a random time later.

any ideas that might help?


Cool thanks man! yeah I made it to where if their hunger or thirst bar goes below 50, they search for food. I’m going to learn random.gen so I can make them either eat it at the spot, or pick it up and eat it later. I’m going to figure out some ideas. Maybe I’ll post the game here so you guys can check it out and fix it to how you guys would like to have it.