NPOT texture treated as POT?

So I’m working with SM2 and I’ve prepared and imported a couple of pngs just to test out a 4-frame walk cycle. They are all 15px Wide by 25 px High, and have alpha transparency information. The Inspector window shows one of the frames being treated as 16x32, and the rest are 15x25 NPOT.

I can’t figure out why this one single texture is being treated differently by Unity. MAC OS X sees it as 15x25. Because of the discrepancy, the Sprite Atlas has uneven-sized images, and that one frame is distorted and looks awful when it animates.

Any ideas on how to fix the problem?

Check your texture import settings. Usually when you have textures that should be pixel-perfect, set the texture type to GUI. A normal texture is always converted into a POT texture unless you use a user-defined(advanced) setting.

Hello, I and my team has made a tool to change the NPOT texture to POT texture. However it’s just released, and it’s free. It helps in reducing Memory on Android and IOS. Also disk space in your project. Check it out and share it with your fellow Unity developers. NPOT to POT Textures