Null reference errors with TextMesh Pro

I get the following error report on building project.

Also, log file report the same error when the built standalone is running.

However, it seems like it is all fine. I am not sure if there is an underlying issue, or unnecessary error registered.
Regardless, please look into it.

I am using TMPro 3.0.0. pr12

If you are able to reproduce this issue reliably, please submit a bug report with the project and steps to reproduce. This always makes it much easier and quicker for me to figure out the issue and to provide you with a solution afterwards.

If you do submit a bug report, please provide the Case # once you get it via email from Unity.

Found the issue.

If HDRP sample resources are installed via package manager, and TMP is installed after that, then the resource folder that hold the shader files get generated outside of resources folder. Why? I have no idea. I deleted the HDRP samples folder, then downgraded to preview 1, then uninstalled all TMP stuff. Restarted Edtior, then install preview 12 and error is gone.